I’m eager to try a winter sport

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

I’m not somebody who usually watches the Winter Olympics, mainly because the sports involved didn’t really interest me. However, this year I decided that I was actually going to pay some attention to the games. Now I’m glad I did, because they’ve inspired me to take up a winter sport.

I’m not quite sure which one it will be, but I’m planning on starting soon. However,there is a slight hiccup in my plan – I don’t know of that many winter sports facilities in this area.

This kind of sucks, if I’m honest. I’ve whittled my choices down as to what I quite fancy trying to skeleton, speed skating, snowboarding or curling. Problem is, my nearest ice rink is Stirling, I’m awful at balancing (which is ridiculous because I’m a gymnast) and I don’t see many ice tracks kicking about here.

When I first told people I’d love to try the skeleton, they looked at me a bit funny. “Sliding down ice at top speed head first? Why on earth would you want to do that?”

Because it looks fantastic, that’s why! Of course it’s dangerous, but that just means that you have to practice moving your body to get it right. Still, I’m feeling strangely drawn to this daft concept of “sliding down ice head first”.

Curling’s also something that’s caught my eye. When I was younger, I stupidly though that it was an old person’s sport, but, looking at this year’s men and women’s teams, the oldest only looks about 30. Also, the fact that both teams are entirely Scottish, that’s a total inspiration, and it makes people like me really eager to take it up.

As for speed skating and snowboarding, the adrenaline that comes with those events seems amazing. Again both extremely dangerous, but there’s something about those two that makes me really want to give them a bash.

I wish there were more opportunities for people just to have taster sessions for winter sports. After Great Britain’s fantastic display in Sochi, I’m hoping more things might become available to try.