I’m blown away by my new favourite actor

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It’s not very often that I’m absolutely blown away by a piece of acting. Everyone can act: we act every day without even realising it, and watch hundreds of programmes on TV that require actors, but it’s not normal to be absolutely, completely gobsmacked at a piece of acting.

This week I went to see the National Theatre’s interpretation of Shelley’s classic ‘Frankenstein’ and, in all honesty, I’ve never seen anything like it.

You have to see this play. It is absolutely amazing.

Benedict Cumberbatch is my favourite actor (the man is essentially an acting genius, the character of Sherlock is made utterly fantastic by him), but I had never heard of Jonny Lee Miller, apart from the fact that he was married to Angela Jolie for a bit.

When I found out that director Danny Boyle had decided to alternate the two actors between the roles of The Creature and Frankenstein himself, I had my fingers crossed that the production we were booked in to see was the one in which Cumberbatch was playing The Creature.

However, Lee Miller had taken on the role on this night ... and my goodness, what an outstanding job he did.

Never have I once cried at a monologue performed by a monster in a play, television show, or a film, but when, at the end of the play when he spoke to the frost-bitten Frankenstein as the monster, I became an emotional wreck.

He was truly believable. I could feel his pain, feel his suffering. Lee Miller managed to do the unthinkable: I found myself preferring the villain instead to the protagonist. This man, whom I had never heard of before, has completely become 100 per cent my new favourite actor.

The way he could manipulate his body and speech to replicate a monster is so admirable, and in 
doing so has shown me 
that anything is possible in the world of acting, and that you can convincingly be someone or something completely different. Congratulations Danny Boyle, you’ve done it again. But an even bigger congratulations to Jonny Lee Miller – you, my friend, are an acting legend.