I’ll stick to reading a newspaper, thanks

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone
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If you’re reading this column then chances are you’re someone who enjoys reading a newspaper.

I don’t want to sound like I’m preaching to the converted, but papers are still the format I prefer most to get my news. I never listen to dreadful commercial radio and Radio Scotland is just a bit too ‘Tartan tearoom’ for me, even though I am partial to Kaye Adams’ call-in show on weekday mornings.

I used to watch the TV news on a daily basis but now I just find that I haven’t the time in the evenings to sit down at the same appointed hour to be lectured at by a bunch of suits in London. And who wants to watch Scotland Today on catch-up? No one, is probably the answer.

‘You would say that, wouldn’t you?’ I hear you grumbling. And yes, I admit I’m not exactly impartial given my privileged position as columnist for this fine publication.

But I’m also a creature of habit and I still enjoy reading the paper on my way to work. It’s a reliable format that doesn’t depend on internet connections. It doesn’t break if (or when) I drop it. I can roll it up and swat flies if the situation demands. And when you’re finished reading you can always pass it on to someone else. You could say it’s the gift that keeps giving.

I’m not totally against new technology, though. I browse news websites at work, and enjoy following links to interesting stories that are emailed to me by friends and colleagues. Admittedly, a lot of these stories do concern cats and other fluffy animals.

Which reminds me, dear reader - did you know that my columns are available to view on The Falkirk Herald’s website? Just Google ‘Kate Livingstone Falkirk’ and you can re-read my words of wisdom. Or my ‘world of woe’ as one of my friends once dubbed this column.

More than one person has asked me if I am on twitter, and the answer is a definite ‘no’. Not because I am against it in principle, rather I still can’t fathom the concept. Why should I limit myself to 140 characters?

Facebook, I just about understand. And even then it’s mostly filled with pictures of cats and other fluffy animals.