I have to admit that this health kick is catching

I’m not sure if this has come with age, or simply down to social media. Recently body image and staying healthy has become quite an important factor in my life. Fizzy drinks and sweets are a thing of the past in the Wallace household and Greek yoghurt, bottled water and healthy snacks now take pride of place in our kitchen.

I’ve always thought of myself as a relatively healthy person, having exercised regularly since I started dancing at the age of three. I believe I eat reasonably well, give or take the odd chocolate bar or carton of chips on a school day.

Now that I’ve left school, however, and the urge to eat “cheap and cheerful” food has gone, my family and I seem to have become a lot more aware of the food we are putting into our bodies.

Social media does have a large role to play in this, with endless Facebook and Instagram pages dedicated to healthy eating and exercise. There are several “motivation” pages I follow that provide tips, challenges and general methods of leading a healthy lifestyle, including a few helpful videos that show exactly how to do exercises to achieve the best results.

People have the perception those who are naturally slim, like myself, don’t need to exercise, but I believe, regardless of how you are built, we should still make some effort to live healthier lifestyles.

This is something my family have started to recognise and, with this realisation, we have made changes in our life necessary for us to live healthier.

The food bill may have gone up slightly, but that is because we no longer buy junk– we buy the things that we know, in the long term, are better for us.