I felt like a fish out of water

Deborah Punshon
Deborah Punshon

Remember, remember the 24th of October? Mmm, I don’t think so.

So I’m confused as to why there were fireworks flying around that night, terrifying everyone and their dog.

I love bonfire night, but can’t we keep it special and exclusive to November 5.

Last Friday, my neighbours’ dogs were terrified by the unexpected noise, and I, as a former dog owner, knew how scared my pet would have been at this surprise and sustained racket.

You see, I’m officially a dog person, so that’s why I felt a bit like a fish out of water when I had to start caring for the latest additions to my daughter’s room - goldfish.

Well, they’re not goldfish, they have another name, but they are gold-coloured and easy to keep alive - I mean “care for”.

Anyway, last Tuesday, while enjoying some time off work, the house suffered an area-wide power cut.

This is when normal people start putting contingency plans into place - looking out candles and blankets and, in case you’re in for the long-haul, find somewhere warm to eat and sleep.

However, I decided to use the last of my mobile phone battery to make an urgent call to Pets At Home.

When I was little, my goldfish didn’t require power of any kind, but, then again, they usually only lived for a week.

But Ailsa’s fancy tank has a electronic filter, so when the power went off, I immediately thought the poor things would die.

Turns out they were fine, and I reckon would have been fine for a while before any need to panic.

But I know a bit more about them now, mainly because, for about half an hour, our homes were a similar temperature - cold.