I am the sweaty mess at
the back of the gym

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I always considered myself to be quite a healthy person. I was a gymnast for over 12 years, I always took part in PE at school and generally threw myself into any sporting event that came my way.

However, after picking friends, parties and a social life over exercise, it’s fair to say I’ve let my fitness levels drop. It wasn’t until I started going to the gym this week though that I realised just how far they had.

If I was still 12 and still doing at least one hour of exercise a day, tasks like walking through Glasgow City Centre wouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Replacing one hour a day of exercise with one hour of eating junk food from the university canteen is starting to have its drawbacks- mainly the fact I can’t reach the fifth floor without panting like a dog.

I had the motivation to start the gym not long after I gave up gymnastics. However, I am Queen Procrastination and my first call of command after I got home from studying was to go straight to my bed. With the closure of Queen Street higher level though, getting to uni was going to be a pain and the decision was made to go to Glasgow in the morning to the gym with my mum.

Now I can clarify I am the least fit person on the planet. I can barely last ten minutes jogging, let alone work a cross-trainer or lift some weights. I’m planning on running a 5K in two months time - funny, because last time I checked I didn’t know how long a kilometre is, let alone run five of them.

My point is this: I am an unhealthy disaster and I am in desperate need to get back into shape. And so readers I ask of you: if absolutely anyone knows of any personal trainers, dieticians etc., who can whip me back in shape, get in touch. If you’re not sure where to find me, I’m the sweaty mess at the back of the gym losing the plot at a treadmill.