How to plan your perfect night in

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

Going by some recent statistics that I read, I’m average! Not something I would like to boast about but it seems my idea of the perfect night in is shared by the majority of the population.

It seems we are opting to hibernate in our homes rather than go out and socialise.

Well, with the approach of winter and the clocks going back this weekend – I’m always glad an old boss taught me the clocks ‘spring forward and fall back’ – I suppose the thought of getting home, closing the curtains and being cosy does prove appealing.

But I must admit that come the Spring I’m always glad when the daylight hours lengthen and there is time to spend in the garden or getting out and about.

It appears that to finish work by 5.30pm and to get home to change into comfy pyjamas or tracksuit bottoms is the first thing to make it a perfect night.

Well yes I can go with that. I love to kick off my heels and slip into comfy slippers the moment I reach home, before ditching the workwear for something I’m happy to relax in.

However, I’m not sure my next move is to start surfing the internet or make a 26 minute call to my mother or best friend – and anyway, when did a call to my mother ever last for less than an hour?

Perhaps I’m not so average after all as the favourite meal to eat in front of the telly is a Chinese takeaway, whereas I would choose a pizza every time. And drink of choice a cup of tea? Mmm, do I have to admit it would be a wee glass of vino? Not every night of course, but if this is my perfect night in it would be a glass of Pinot Grigio.

Then it seems we love to spend the next two and a half hours watching our favourite TV programmes and films. Sounds like a plan, but the idea of spending that amount of time with no interruptions is alien to me. Calls from aforementioned mother, double glazing salesmen and people enquiring if I want to upgrade my boiler mean that I rarely manage to watch anything on the box undisturbed.

Which is why I choose to record my favourite programmes and watch them at my leisure.

However, I had to laugh when I read that most people in a relationship would deem it a perfect night in if they had the place to themselves without their partner. Obviously not wanting anyone to pinch the remote control!