Hospital parking problems only added to worries

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My wife spent much of last week in hospital with what eventually turned out to be E. coli.

It was obviously a worrying time for the whole family as doctors firstly diagnosed a stomach bug, then a possible appendicitis before the culprit was finally identified.

Her prolonged stay meant juggling work commitments with visiting hours and looking after my four-year-old.

And, while I having nothing but praise for all the staff who took care of Pauline, my regular trips to the hospital did give me one reason to complain ...

The parking is a nightmare!

We’ve run numerous stories in the past but it’s only when you experience it first hand that you realise how bad it actually is.

At night it’s not too problematic but try finding a space during afternoon visiting when more staff are in and people have appointments to attend and you’re in trouble.

The first day I evenually abandoned my car in what I later discovered was the staff car par.

On the second day, I spent most of visiting time driving round and round in a vain search with dozens of others. After that I didn’t even bother and just parked on the street.

Surely a better system can be found.