Hoping the Games are the success they should be

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The ‘GREATEST show on earth’ will soon be under way in London just in case anyone needs reminding after all the kerfuffle over the past few months.

Britain is pushing the boat out big time, but will it all be in vain? I certainly hope not and don’t believe the Games will be a flop. I do have a few reservations though.

There’s always doom and gloom before major sporting events like this, but most of it proves to be unfounded.

However, the G4S fiasco, which may affect the security at the Games, just showed how the ‘Great’ has been taken out of Great Britain for me.

The security firm, blinded by riches and probably even big bonuses for the gaffers, take on the massive contract and totally botch it up although, in their defence, there is some doubt as to the scale of their incompetence due to extra demands placed on them.

Their chief executive Nick Buckles admitted it was a “humiliating shambles”, but I’m not surprised the company failed in its duty to honour the contract. In a reply during an interview on the matter, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that basically it was perfectly fine and understandable to mess up such a deal because of the size and scale of the operation.

With poor leadership like that how could G4S possibly have succeeded and can British companies actually deliver large-scale projects other countries can without a hitch?

The commercialism of the event is also quite sickening and everyone is looking to cash in from sponsors to greedy landlords and ticket touts.

During this wretched recession, I hope the Games don’t cost us proles who don’t avoid their taxes dearly.

I’m looking forward to the sport though.