Hope after heartbreak

Kirsty Beaton.
Kirsty Beaton.

Last week’s news was dominated not by the fast approaching general election, or the Iranian nuclear crisis - but by two men leaving their jobs.

A million teenage hearts broke as Zayn revealed he was leaving One Direction and a million men sobbed into their cereal with the news ‘Top Gear’ as we know it is no more.

Their departures spurred a thousand Twitter gags and speculation over who could take over the roles. The BBC boss responsible for deciding Jeremy Clarkston’s contract wouldn’t be renewed and the girl rumoured to be behind Zayn’s decision even received death threats from crazed fans.

The storm brought me back to when my idol left my favourite band.

The year was 1996 and mini backpacks, blue glitter eye shadow and platform trainers were all the rage. I was sporting a very ill-advised middle parting with bleached fringe, wore Tammy Girl head to toe and my Walkman played Take That exclusively.

It was teatime and I’d settled down to watch ‘Newsround’ when the lead story caused me to wail.

Robbie Williams - the man I was going to marry once I finally turned 16 - was leaving Take That. I was distraught and locked myself in my room with my Take That annuals and Robbie posters until the summer holidays were finished.

I thought I’d never get over it,but a few weeks later I was skimming my ‘Smash Hits’ magazine when I read an article on the next big thing - 911. From then on, Take That were no longer the object of my affection.The posters were replaced and my school books covered in the name of a new, younger band.

So Directioners - and indeed ‘Top Gear’ fans - don’t despair. You will get over this trauma eventually.