Honesty pays ... here’s proof

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What an amazing story from the good ol’ US of A last week.

The Yanks have more than their fair share of Gordon “Greed is Good” Gekko-types leaving slime trails on sidewalks.So it was a real cocklewarmer to hear about homeless man Glen James from Virginia.

Former courthouse worker Glen found a bag with $42,000 snuggled inside.

So did this down-on-his-luck dude keep this life-changing money for himself and blow it all on Macky D burgers or maybe even something as trivial as accommodation?

Not on your nelly.

Glen handed the bag to police so it could be returned to its rightful owner.

Unlike the time I handed in a lost umbrella to the cop shop in Elgin, which ended up costing me money, Glen’s honesty was actually rewarded to the tune of $110,000 when a guy, so impressed by Glen’s actions, set up a website to collect donations for him.

That’s a profit of $68,000 just for doing the right thing. It proves honesty pays.

Of course, as we all know, dishonesty pays more and the hours are better too. But this story does give you hope for humanity.

You know this is a dead cert to be made into a film starring Will Smith, with Hollywood writing in a car chase scene where Will tries to return the money before a time bomb destroys the White House.

Staying stateside, what a great start to the season for my beloved Chicago Bears - two wins, no losses and two amazing comebacks led by supposedly huffy big wean of a QB Jay Cutler, who’s turned into a leader like my 1985 Bears hero Jim McMahon.