Holidaying at home has made me think again

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

How wonderful has this summer been? I genuinely can’t remember a better year for sunny dry days.

There has been an abundance all summer, and I can’t believe I’m still able to wear sandals at the end of September.

My Sunday was spent gardening - or more accurately lying on a sun lounger reading my Kindle - and I think I’ve had been able to hang washing out almost every day to dry.

Yes readers, you know you have reached a certain age when you judge the weather on if you have hung out a wash or not. My washing pile has never been so small, in fact during a weekend at home recently, I was wandering around my home trying to find things to wash. I found myself pulling the curtains down for a clean and going through the linen drawer looking for things to put through the spin cycle.

You might remember I was disappointed not to be going away this year after the friend I was going with lost her job, but with the wonderful Scottish weather, I don’t feel I missed out.

Staying at home meant my house has never been cleaner, I’ve caught up with lots of friends over the summer that I’d lost touch with and I’ve taken my grandchildren on a few day trips too.

There are so many places I hadn’t visited before, despite knowing the Canary Islands quite well, I’ve never stepped foot on a Scottish island and looking at the top tourists attractions in the country, I’ve only been to a small handful.

This summer I’ve ticked off The Riverside Museum and Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow, stopped in at Stirling Old Town Jail and been to the National Gallery and Castle in Edinburgh. Next on my list is trying an island.

I’ve very recently started to enjoy whisky - perhaps another sign of my advancing age - and I’d like to learn more about our national drink.

So this weekend I’m dipping my toes into island life and taking the kids over to Bute for the day. It might not have any whisky, but it definitely has a beach and ice cream!