Highers are now upon us

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

As I was sitting 
in maths the other day, something dawned on 

I looked over to the topic list that’s mounted up on the wall and realised that the little arrow that tells us what topic we are studying was right at the bottom, and pointing towards the ground.

The jump from having the arrow sitting horizontally to vertically is a huge one. It signifies horror, mega-stress and, frankly, something I’m not in the slightest bit looking forward to.

The year of the Higher exam has dawned.

SQA, here comes Wallace.


Last year’s Standard Grades seem insignificant now compared to this year’s exams.

Although I’m sitting fewer of them - from eight Standard Grades down to five Highers - this year the stress levels of everyone, not just me, seem to be not only hitting the roof but shooting through it and disappearing off somewhere up in the sky.

It’s the big scary word - Higher- that makes the whole ordeal so much more terrifying.

These are the things that universities and employers look at.

If I muck these up, then I’m stuffed, basically, so hence you can probably understand why I’m starting to panic slightly.

Something that has put my mind at ease, however, and I am a little embarrassed to admit this, and after I admit this my parents are never going to let it go, but I do quite enjoy studying.

I find it quite rewarding sitting down and taking time to re-learn something and then doing past papers and improving my mark, because it lets me know that I am getting better, and that I’m not as “stuffed” as I think I might be.

Of course, I’m completely worrying about some subjects – maths always being one, and this year French being the other (me and the French past tense don’t seem to get along) – but I suppose I’ll just have to concentrate on them a bit more than others.

The exams are a-coming. Wallace, be prepared.

Be very prepared.