High time we treated everyone with respect

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

Feeling isolated isn’t nice. Feeling like you’re the individual in society. Being scared to stand out. Feeling uncomfortable even sitting with your so-called ‘friends’.

It’s something every teenager goes through. I know I have, and it feels like hell. Feeling like that, if you even utter a word that’s a step out of line, you’ll get talked about, laughed at. You do one little thing to annoy someone - then the whispers begin.

It’s worse being a girl. It’s no secret that the female species can be harsh, manipulative and just downright horrible.

I know this all too well. A few years ago, it was me acting as the victim, being the target of the “what on earth is she wearing?” etc. Like I said, every teenager goes through it.

So, naturally, when you see one of your friends feeling the way you felt, of course you’re going to help them. You’re going to give them advice, a quick hug, and a brief “don’t worry, honey, it’ll get better soon”.

She cried for two hours! It turned out to be a massive heart-to-heart in the end. Of course there was the obvious reason why she was upset, but then everything came out. She really wasn’t happy, and, me being me, I don’t like seeing that, cos I know what it feels like to be so unhappy. Everyone does.

Adults sometimes underestimate teenagers. They think it’s ridiculous that we cry over “stupid things”, but they’re not stupid. When every little thing just builds up on top of everything else ... boom, here come the water works.

You try being our age in today’s society. If you don’t do certain things, dress a certain way, act the same as everyone else, that’s it, here comes the pointing of fingers, the whispers, the rumours, to the extent where your friends don’t even want to be your friends any more.

Obviously, it would be brilliant if this was no longer the case, but of course, nothing will change.

I just hope, at least, for the sake of the next generation of people like us, that something is done to at least try and stop it because, frankly, no one deserves to feel like the way we do.