Helpix and Kelpies are victims of their own success

Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume
Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume

There’s no doubt that the Kelpies have become the jewel in Falkirk district’s crown.

As someone who was a regular visitor to the Helix before the iconic horses’ heads were unveiled, I can vouch for the fact that visitor numbers have increased dramatically in the past couple of months.

But it seems the park may be becoming a victim of its own success.

As we report this week, problems have been experienced with drivers parking on the grass verges rather than taking advantage of the facilities offered at nearby Falkirk Stadium.

Now signs are in place to direct them to that alternative car park, although I wonder what will happen when Falkirk FC are playing at home on a sunny afternoon.

Then we have the issue of the catering facilties. While my gripe would be that they are too expensive (£4 for curly fries!), others have complained about lack of provision and lengthy queues to get a cup of coffee or an ice cream.

And there have even been some grumbles about a lack of seating, especially as you approach the Kelpies.

But that fact is the site isn’t finished yet - the visitor centre will not open until next year - so let’s trust that these teething problems will be resolved.