Heart will win over minds

'Give us the information we need, not what's best for a political agenda'
'Give us the information we need, not what's best for a political agenda'
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Once all the usual jokes and digs were dispensed with at a recent editorial meeting the discussion turned to how the paper is going to cover the independence referendum.

Personally, I can’t wait to get stuck into all the issues to give our readers – and myself for that matter – a clear and balanced view of what exactly is going on or, more to the point, what will go on.

Politicians and campaigners are now gearing up to go hell for leather to win our hearts and minds for those vital votes that will decide our future.

Take the EU issue as an example. The No people intimate that if we become a new sovereign nation we’ll be booted out and be outcasts in Europe – overnight.

They don’t say that it took Greenland, who asked to leave the EU, seven years to leave the Brussels gravy train so I’m sure that as the civilised and mature nation that we are we could secure our membership in that time.

The Yes people aren’t doing themselves any favours either by saying everybody else is wrong and they are right and everything will be better after a Yes vote.

The monetary union issue is a case in point.

Danny Alexander said last week that there won’t be a monetary union – period – none whatsoever, and they won’t change their mind. But the Yes campaign still insist there will be.

I don’t know whether to admire their confidence or shake my head in frustration, but therein lies the problem.

Who is telling us what we really need to know instead of politically-biased views? At this rate I think people will be voting with their hearts because their minds are too confused.

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