Having mum in house is double-edged sword

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My mum is currently between houses so we now have a garage full of furniture ... and a new resident in the spare bedroom.

My view on if this is a good thing or not largely depends on whether the advantage of a live-in babysitter is outweighed by having to follow her orders again 25 years after leaving home.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s all done in the nicest possible way and leaves me wondering how I’ve fallen for the same old trick once again.

Take Sunday for instance. Despite the glorious weather, Saturday was spent preparing for the arrival of the removal men and then praying they didn’t drop anything, so I was determined to spend the remainder of the weekend relaxing in the garden.

The garden also featured heavily on my mum’s schedule, although relaxing wasn’t exactly top of the list.

I was ‘encouraged’ to paint the shed while my wife was set to work weeding the borders.

Casting her approving eye over the scene she had directed, my mum then announced she was going for a lie down and to wake her up when tea was 

I sense a lot of baby-stitting coming up.