Has the human race been cheating itself?

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The news that 28 athletes have been suspended after it was revealed that they were doping during previous World Championship competitions has, undoubtedly, shook the sporting world.

Being a sport person myself, I find it absolutely shocking that this was allowed to happen. However, I believe it has finally given the general public a harsh insight into the dark, corrupt side of life and has finally demonstrated the sheer devastation that cheating a system can cause.

Absolutely years worth of work goes into a competition, whether it be sporting based or not. When competition time finally comes around and you finally perform to the best of your ability, it is the best feeling in the world.

What sick, twisted person would take away that euphoria through nothing more than sheer dishonesty. It completely dumbfounds me how such a large group of admired athletes found it completely all right to lie to themselves, the public, judges and fans. To me, that shows an utter lack of respect to every single one of the aforementioned groups of people.

It’s not only in sport, though, that this is the case. Every single day in life, people and systems are being cheated left, right and centre. How can that be fair to those who work hard and are honest with themselves continuously? The answer: it’s not.

Whatever happened to a guilty conscience? Has the human race cheated itself out of the simple act of being honest?

Recently, I’ve started to notice people cheating systems with less and less concern over the consequences.

These 28 athletes are not the first of a long line of cheaters to be exposed. The world needs to wake up – one slip up from these deluded people, and everything falls apart. How, in any way, can that be satisfying?