Has Hallowe’en come too early?

Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong

You could be forgiven for thinking that Hallowe’en has come early with reports of clowns popping up across the country.

But the existence of grown men and women dressing up in clown outfits is far less the fun of Hallowe’en and more intimadatory as they seek to scare members of the public.

Falkirk officers will take action against anyone who seeks to cause distress and potential harm to anyone in our community as its completely unacceptable.

It appears to date that many of these sightings are internet hoaxes and come from overseas.

However, if anyone has any concerns they should call Falkirk officers on 101.

As highlighted last week, there is no place for any form of hate crime, intolerance or prejudice in Scotland and to reaffirm officers commitment we launched our Hate Crime Awareness Week on Monday.

Hate crime can manifest itself in lots of different ways, including offensive graffiti, having property vandalised, belongings stolen, people swearing or making abusive remarks, online abuse, being threatened or being physically attacked. All of this behaviour is completely unacceptable. If anyone has concerns regarding hate crime they should call 101.