Hare coursing is a disturbing crime

Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong

Last Friday in the Dalkeith area a 13 year old boy was charged with hare coursing, which typically involves lurcher or greyhound dogs chasing hares in open land.

It’s illegal and a priority for the wildlife crime unit. Local officers are patrolling priority areas as hare coursing tends to be more prevalent this time of year.

Crimes against wildlife and natural are concerning for our communities, both locally and beyond.

Hare coursing is a disturbing crime which causes animals considerable distress and suffering.

I’d encourage people to call 101 and report it if they see anything suspicious.

Unfortunately, although I highlighted the issue of bogus callers two weeks ago, another Falkirk resident has fallen victim to a bogus caller. The victim suffered a significant financial loss and officers are working hard to identify the perpetrator.

Another key to preventing and solving this type of crime is family, friends and neighbours. It’s important to speak to friends, relatives and neighbours and advise them not to be taken in by doorstep callers.

Legitimate callers will be happy to show their identity cards or wait while you contact their office.