Hard work ... but great fun

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

Last week saw the return of the Braes High School musical show, and this year’s performance was ‘Hairspray’, the ’60s-set play based on black and white segregation in Baltimore, America.

Those loyal readers who remember little details will know that I landed the role of Corny Collins, and, for those who who aren’t loyal readers, you guys know now.

Obviously, as I had already seen the film and bits of the musical, I knew that the acting side of things was very challenging, as not only was there lots of singing but a considerable amount of dancing too.

Of course, underneath the lights all that singing and dancing becomes a whole lot more exhausting, and, lucky me playing a ’60s chirpy cheery male television presenter, all this manic performing, combined with extremely heavy, oversized suits resulted in one very sweaty, smelly actress indeed. Still, nevertheless, I and everyone else carried on, and the show was a sold-out success.

I found Corny quite a difficult character to play. He’s miles apart from last year’s character (the Artful Dodger in ‘Oliver’) and was very smooth, sleek, and manly, things that, believe it or not, I am not.

The shows themselves got better as the week went on; each night everyone’s performance raised the bar and by the Thursday the show was in tip-top shape.

This year’s show did pan out as quite emotional, though, as some people who were heavily involved with the school show left. It’s safe to say that everyone had been inspired by them and they had taught us to never, ever give up hope, because. if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything.

I’m kicking myself at the fact that I waited so long before doing the school show. The bond that’s created with others is so strong, you end up like one big family. I would encourage anyone to get involved with the school show, because not only is it so much fun, and a lot of hard work, you make friendships that last a lifetime, and build skills you couldn’t anywhere else.