Happy this is law of the land

A couple of years ago, when it was announced that the Scottish Government was to be the first in the UK to allow gay marriages to be legally recognised, I wrote an In My View about it.

I praised the decision to allow people, regardless of their sexual orientation, to enjoy equal marriage.

As one of my colleagues quipped, ‘why should only straight people have to suffer?’.

At the time, my column got a bit of a negative response from a few readers, who were unhappy I supported the change in the law.

But I stand by my beliefs and am proud that from December 31, gay couples can tie the knot in Scotland.

Jerry Slater (58) and his partner Larry Lamont (81) from Kirkcudbright will be one of the first to get hitched.

After spending 20 years together, who is anyone to say they don’t deserve to be husband and husband?

Talking of husbands, mine has been rooting around for hints on what to buy me for Christmas.

Last year, after I remarked how handy my sister-in-law’s expensive handheld vacuum was, he offered to get it for my Christmas.

After a three-day fall out, he realised this was a terrible idea.

He decided getting me nothing was better than a vacuum and left me wishing I’d accepted the appliance.

After a week-long fall out, he now knows this is not acceptable behaviour and is desperate for hints on what to buy.

So Andy, if you are reading this, head to Amazon where I’ve helpfully bookmarked various presents I’d like.

And I’m expecting two-years-worth, or you’ll get an electric drill for your birthday a few days later.