Happy days at diner ...

Ed's Diner at  Fort Kinnaird, Edinburgh hits the right notes
Ed's Diner at Fort Kinnaird, Edinburgh hits the right notes

Step into Ed’s Easy Diner and you are instantly transported back to the coolest era ever – the 1950s.

As the name suggests, it’s a throwback to the days when the kids hung around milkshake bars, feeding dimes into jukeboxes to hear the hits from Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Buddy Holly.

Okay, it’s not quite the real thing.

For a start it sits on the edge of Fort Kinnaird retail park in Edinburgh which, back in the ‘50s, consisted of miners’ rows rather than cadillacs.

But, entering the diner you get the picture – it’s all red booths with wee jukeboxes on each table which, for the princely sum of 20p, will let you choose the soundtrack to entertain the rest of the diner.

Just think Bill Bailey rather than Taylor Swift ...

The kitchens are open, the chefs wear those fifties-esque white paper hats, and the place has done its best to tap into the feel of the era.

So, when it comes to the food, you know what to expect.

Burgers and hot dogs top the list, but there’s a good choice, not to mention a selection of milkshakes – the most awesome drink in the world whether you are five or 55.

You can start with some nibbles – kracklecorn popcorn or honey and chilli peanuts while mulling over your order.

It’s tempting, but bear in mine the menu offers its burgers as they come, or as an Ed’s plate complete with chips (sorry, fries), coleslaw and onion rings.

Portions are decent without being so overwhelming you don’t quite know where to start.

I opted for the Chicken Acapulco – sounds like the title of a Beach Boys’ song - which included American cheese, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and spicy 

Stick all that on a bun and it’s a fair challenge to pick it up without making a mess – maybe that’s just me – but it went down a treat.

My other half opted for the traditional burger which came with lettuce, onion, dill pickle – yeuch! – and Ed’s diner sauce; again, a good meal which hit the spot.

Burgers also come in two sizes so most appetites should be catered for.

Chuck in free Coke refills – which we took full advantage of – and the bill came to around £27 which was perfectly fair.

Service was good, the booths were comfy, and other than a wee draught every time the main door opened, I’d happily point you in the direction of Ed’s Easy Diner if you are down Fort Kinnaird way.

It makes for a pleasant change from the same-old Nando’s and all the rest which can be found on every retail park next to every cinema in Scotland.

And since when did a wee draught ever bother the Fonz ...