Gym club trip
was best yet

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

Last week, Falkirk Infinity Gymnastics Club jetted off to Athens, Greece, to participate in the international Cosmogym: Gymnastics For All festival.

This was my third time abroad with the team, and I think it’s safe to say that this trip was the best one yet. There’s loads of reasons as to why I say this.

Firstly, instead of staying for only four or five days, we stayed for a whole week, in a gorgeous four-star hotel just outside of Athens.

All of our displays were done over two days – Wednesday and Friday -– meaning that the remaining five days that we had were used purely for our own free time.

In between going to the beach, lazing by the pool, and eating masses of cheese toasties, we all spent our time shopping, enjoying some water sports and squeezing in a little visit to the Acropolis as well.

I’m glad to say I even managed to get myself a wee tan, even if it is only wee, but nevertheless, I do have tan lines (if you look close enough).

The second reason that this holiday was the best yet is that we had two fantastic displays to perform. Both our coach and two of my team mate choreographed these dances, and it was clear that the Grecian crowds loved them.

It was great to hear a massive applause when we had finished - I don’t know about anyone else, but it gave me a proper confidence boost.

A third reason that the holiday was brilliant is that we all became closer as a team, so now we really are like a proper family. We had multiple bonding sessions at night after our meals, which meant that, by the end of the week, we all knew pretty much everything about one another. Since coming home, I’ve missed my gymnastics family, but at least we all get to see each other once a week at training.

There’s so many other reasons why the holiday was amazing, but, for me, those are the top three. I just can’t wait to find out where we’re off to in two years’ time.

Roll on Infinity Team Trip 2016...