Graduation is too grand

Like many other students I recently graduated from my four years at university. Four years of hard work - well kind of - so surely then my graduation ceremony would be something I would enjoy and remember for all the right reasons.

The day should be something I look back on with joy and maybe a wee tear as I waved goodbye to student discounts, half-days, reduced entry into clubs and a lot of good memories but I will forever remember it as a day of annoyance and a day of complete “over the top-ness”.

Imagine being stuck in a room with 500 other students, now add in two guests for each graduate, add on a kilt, don’t forget the gown and did I mention it was in the middle of our very short heat wave. Lastly there is no air conditioning to bring any relief. Imagine having to sit like that for two hours, getting sweatier and more uncomfortable as it gets closer and closer to your 10 seconds of fame. Doesn’t sound like a fun day to me.

Then in walks a procession of lecturers of which I had been taught by one, and leading the queue is someone carrying a large sceptre, which in my four years at university, had never been mentioned once.

This may seem like one long moan, but I feel the graduation ceremony would be better off being a smaller affair. Instead off 200 students, make it the size of the course, giving parents a chance to meet lecturers and classmates.

It was a day I will always remember and I understand that my two proud parent got to see me on stage receiving my award, however I do think it could have been enjoyed more if everything was toned down just a tad, or someone turned on the blooming AC!