Goodbye sport ... hello daytime television

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There has been a big hoo-ha north of the border over the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards.

Seems lots of us Scots were not happy that Andy Murray didn’t scoop top prize, which instead went to cycling supremo Bradley Wiggins.

Now, I’m not going to pretend I know anything about sport. I don’t. But I have been forced to endure a year of it 
so I am entitled to an 

This year has undoubtedly been THE year of sport. For me, it started at the turn of the year when talk of Rangers going into administration started and, from then, the sport chat has been incessant.

My summer holiday with my husband was scheduled around Euro 2012 matches, and Wimbledon started upon our return home. The tennis was just over when the Olympics and Paralympics started up with the Tour de France in between and then it was time for the Scottish football season to start again.

This year I’ve endured hours of sports talk - both in the office where my desk is beside our sports editor and at home with a sport-daft other half.

And, in my not-so-expert-opinion I’m quite happy Wiggo won Sports Personality.

We all love Murray, and who didn’t choke up when he lost the Wimbledon final? But, when it comes to personality, Wiggins wins game set and match.

He just drips with coolness and I imagine a million men attempted to hunt down a velvet suit following his win.

With 2012 filled with sport, the start of 2013 will be taken up with daytime television for me. I start maternity leave next week, with three weeks of ‘Jeremy Kyle’ and ‘This Morning’ to look forward to before baby is due.

I’m sure I’ll be begging for some football chat by week two.

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