Good weather for ducks

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What is the Scottish weather all about?

I’m seriously losing patience with it even though I always say we should be used to the temperamental weather in this country because that’s just the way it is in Scotland.

I was away for the weekend up in Tayside and experienced the best and worst of our changeable climate.

Last Friday was a gorgeous day as the sun shone brightly in the blue sky above Loch Tay at Kenmore near Aberfeldy, both beautiful little hamlets surrounded by amazing scenery.

We did a bit of hill walking followed by some well deserved refreshments of the alcoholic kind in the beer garden of the bar in the park where our lodge was, in a setting right at the top of the loch.

In the evening we went for another wee stroll before a lovely dinner and more drinks in the restaurant before retiring to the bar once more and then home for some bubbly to celebrate our two birthdays.

Absolute bliss! When the weather is like that and you’re in one of the country’s many idyllic spots like Kenmore there’s nowhere else on the planet I’d rather be.

On the Saturday, however, I would have gladly boarded a flight to Timbuktu to escape the rain that fell after the heavens opened up and stayed open for the rest of the weekend.

I wouldn’t say it ruined our weekend, but it didn’t make it any better or more enjoyable put it that way.

Instead of leisurely strolls and outdoor pursuits we were resigned to feeding the ducks that circled our lodge in search of our bread. At least someone was happy.