Good news for today’s youth

Chief Inspector Mandy Paterson
Chief Inspector Mandy Paterson

This week I would like to talk about positive work underway across the area command which you might not be aware of, which is doubtless contributing to the positive picture for young people locally.

It is fair to say, we are dealing with far fewer juveniles or young adults than we used to, and the presence of groups of young people drinking alcohol and becoming involved in disorder or violence is a far more positive picture than it was five years ago.

I believe education is a huge factor in this – young people now, appear far better educated on the dangers of alcohol and drugs.

We are looking to build on this by increasing the involvement of our Schools Based Officers in the Social Influences Project. The project takes a group of young people and asks them about their use of alcohol.

The project has found that the majority of young people are not taking part in this harmful behaviour, but believe they are in the minority. By getting anonymous feedback from groups, they have the ability to evidence that harmful behaviour is in the minority, thereby removing peer pressure from the majority to make bad decisions.

This work was carried out in Denny High School in 2009 in relation to anti social behaviour with extremely positive outcomes which have lasted for years beyond the end of the project. I’ll keep you updated.