Good neighbours report bogus calls

Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong

I have previously highlighted the impact bogus callers have had in our area and unfortunately more incidents have been recorded recently.

Bogus caller crime affects the most vulnerable in our communities, with victims being targeted due to their age, disability, capacity etc.Sadly, many even become repeat victims.

Evidence has shown that an individual’s quality of life can deteriorate y after such incidents, which is very worrying for the individuals and their families.

Many of these crimes involve inflated prices for remedial work to houses and involve victims going to their banks to withdraw large sums of money.

Officers have visited local banks to raise awareness and encourage staff to be alert to signs that vulnerable people are being targeted.

This includes being aware when a vulnerable or elderly customer makes a large withdrawal, outwith normal banking behavior.

Early recognition and intervention by staff could help stop some customers becoming victims.

I would also ask you all to be good neighbours and where you see anything suspicious in your street to call the police and report your concerns.