Golden rules for the assembly of flat-pack furniture

Colin Hume.
Colin Hume.

Flat pack furniture ... you either loathe it or your loathe it.

True, it’s come a long way since the early days of MFI when the completed item, even when properly assembled, was more shoogly than a Premier League manager’s coat hook.

Nowadays, thanks to some ingenious wee devices, the problem has largely been resolved ... but you still have to follow some fiendishly difficult instructions to get to that stage.

I’m now something of veteran of such structures - having set the (unofficial) world record for the assembly of Billy bookcases - and would like to take this opportunity to present my three golden rules.

1. Whenever the use of a hammer is indicated, this requires a ‘tap’ not a ‘whack’, otherwise significant splintering of the veneer is a distinct possibility.

2. Ensure all parts are correctly assembled BEFORE nailing on the back board. Afterwards it is more ecnomical to buy a new piece of furniture than to rectify the problem.

3. NEVER assume the instructions are wrong and drill your own holes. It’s guaranteed these will eventually becoming decoration rather than of any practical use.