This is going to be hardest three weeks I've ever worked

With my summer holidays soon coming to an end, it's usually at this point in time I reflect on what I've done for the past four or so months.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a busy bee – in between travelling abroad three times, I’ve worked all the hours I can, raised almost £300 for Solving Kids Cancer, pranced around in front of a camera and drove thousands and thousands of miles around the country. However, there’s been one thing that’s fallen by the wayside this summer and today is the day that I admit I’ve fallen into the typical “lazy student” trap. With regards to my future career as a journalist, I haven’t really paid much attention to it since I left uni and now I’m somewhat regretting it.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t passionate about what I do. Loyal readers will remember the state I got myself in during my advanced higher English course when I was almost sick with stress worrying whether or not my writing was good enough to ensure I got a good grade.

When I’m at uni, I live and breathe journalism. Every-
thing from the physical writing in the newsroom, to working the radio equipment, to even sitting in front of the autocued camera on Caledonian News – I love it. Although since I’ve not had that environment surrounding me, I’m ashamed to say I’ve let the ball slip. Apart from my column, I’ve barely so much as have written a NIB.

I suppose, technically speaking, I get away with it a tiny bit. Being someone who’s just left first year, my skill set is still pretty basic and so there’s a limit as to what I can actually contribute to a news organisation. But that shouldn’t have stopped me from making an effort sooner. So here I am, three weeks before I go back with the motivation to work hard four months later than I should. And I vow to you all now – this is going to be the hardest three weeks I’ve ever worked in my life.