Glued to the small screen for return of my favourite shows

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I’m a lover of a good television programme and usually a drama series manages to hit the spot for some exciting viewing.

Over the past few weeks there’s been a bit of a mixed bag on the small screen.

Although some shows have been, in my opinion, a total success, others I haven’t been too overwhelmed by.

On a positive note, I’ve been so impressed by the Great British Bake Off – depsite being a bit apprehensive about the new line up.

I always thought of Noel Fielding as God’s gift to Earth but I couldn’t picture him and Sandi Toksvig as decent replacements for my beloved Mel and Sue.

However, the pairs comedy sketches provide laugh-out-loud, slapstick humour which works wonderfully alongside Paul and new judge, Prue.

Not such a successful return, though, for Dr Foster. The first series of the BBC drama was phenomenal and I was so excited to see what season two had to offer.

So I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed with what’s been served up so far.

Tuesday night was the half-way point and, without giving too much away, Suranne Jones’ character has been a total pushover compared to last time.

I’m hoping the tension will build more in the final two episodes but, so far, I haven’t felt as empowered as I did last time.

One big surprise was Philip K Dick’s: Electric Dreams. Despite worrying that C4’s latest anthology series would be too similar to Black Mirror, Electric Dreams was totally-spot on.

A huge plot twist at the end of the episode made me feel things. If it doesn’t do that for you, I urge you to watch it again.

My opinion might be totally different to yours, of course, but watch for yourself and find out!