Give me old fashioned retail therapy any day

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

Well did you survive Black Friday and Cyber Monday? I must admit until a couple of years ago I’d never heard of either in relation to cut price shopping.

But it seems, like so many things nowadays, we have our American cousins to thank for making this sales frenzy part of our culture. First they hijacked our Halloween – you never see a turnip lanterns anymore, instead it is carved pumpkins – now they are making us go bargain hunting in November, when as any self-respecting shopper knows, it should be January when we enjoy the sales.

Before you know it we’ll be finding an excuse to celebrate Thanksgiving complete with turkey a month earlier than usual and pumpkin pie.

Now as my family and friends will testify, there is nothing I like more than a wee bargain, but honestly, did you see some of the goings on as people literally fought with each other to get a TV for a few pounds less.

There is no way that I would have resorted to standing in queues like that or scrambling about on the floor of a supermarket to save some cash.

I must confess I’m not a great lover of online shopping, I much prefer to see things before I buy and prefer to wander round some of the independent shops we have in the hope of picking up something a bit different. However, recently I’ve found myself ‘attempting’ to buy online.

I say attempting because it’s rarely very successful. You always have to register to set up an account and that involves putting in countless details and creating a password. Now I know we’re always told to use different passwords for different things, but be honest, how many of us do.

Then I usually find that I’ve proceeded to checkout, put in all my bank details and ... it crashes! You’re left wondering whether you’ve bought something or not and spend even more time trying to find out.

Like most working people I then have the problem of deciding where to get something delivered. Home or work? I’m at work five days in the week, but my usual luck is for the courier to bring it at the weekend. So what to do?

Add all that together and you can understand why on Cyber Monday I was not shopping online, rather planning a visit to the High Street for some old fashioned retail therapy.