Gift-buying is done and dusted early this year

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I am ridiculously organised for Christmas this year.

Usually, I am the person on December 24 running frantically around Tesco in the hope that I might snatch a last-minute bargain that my little brother would surely love.

But this year, I’m proud to say that is definitely not the case.

Yes, I am pretty much done, with the exception of Secret Santa’s and Ben.

Gold star for Sophs!

I started early this year: it was roughly around September that I bought my first batch of gifts.

This constrasts greatly to the way I tackled present buying this time last year.

I basically bought small gifts, purchased approximately a fortnight before they were due because I was that stuck about exactly what to buy everyone.

However, I’ve come to realise, though, that this new methodology that I have adopted is much more suitable, and slightly more kinder on my bank balance.

Finally, for the first time ever, my bank balance will be sitting with some real-life money in it during the month of December.

For those who do not know me well, I am an extreme spendaholic and knowing that I’ll have that little bit extra money is a big tick in a tinsel-decorated box entitled ‘money’ that is usually polluted with a big red cross declaring that I have zero pennies to my name.

This didn’t make the whole buying process any easier, though.

I still ended up extremely confused about what to actually buy people.

But, eventually, I managed, somehow, to find gifts I felt matched the personalities of the recipients perfectly.

I am tremendously proud of my new, much more grown-up approach to Christmas this year.

It’s brilliant to know that not only have I managed to buy a fantastic range of gifts for friends and family, but also that, for the first time ever, I will actually be able to spend money on me this December.

I think I deserve a Christmas present for myself this time around for my greatest festive season efforts.

Go me!