Getting to grips with new technology

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The editorial team at The Falkirk Herald have all been issued with brand new phones and laptops to help us continue to deliver the news in this new digital-savvy world.

The idea is that we will be able to file reports while on the move as well as upload pictures and videos to our website.

It’s already proving beneficial with numerous slideshows and videos from local events already proving popular online.

And with a relaunched website due to be launched in the next few weeks we will soon be able to exploit the new technology to the full.

But while we get to grips with Windows Moviemaker and are getting quite adept at adding special effects, captions and credits, it is the little things that have been our downfall.

‘‘How do we switch this thing on?’’ was an early question that did the rounds then, after dabbling with apps and e-mail, an exasperated voice was heard to enquire, ‘‘Can you make a call on this as well?’’

The problem is the blasted phones don’t come with instruction manuals.

You’re obviously meant to just know these things or look them up on the web ... if you can find the right app that is!