Getting clumsy in the Kitchen

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

I genuinely didn’t notice how clumsy I was until I started working at The Braes Kitchen. You know that ability to fall over flat surfaces? Yep, I’ve apparently got that.

The actual cafe itself is quite small, which is brilliant. Five tables, all of which are all neatly placed, looking so pretty – it’s just dead cosy.

However, because of this tight space, it does make the life of the likes of me difficult, because, one, I am an absolute giant, and, two, I’m a clumsy little so and so.

It’s not just out front that I manage to make a show of myself, oh no, it’s in the kitchen as well. There I was, drying the dishes, when a butter knife slipped right through my hands. Luckily for me, I’m a not half bad catcher, but, unluckily for me, when I caught it, the silly thing decided to fall again, and in order for me to stop it reaching the ground, I had to shove it against the draining board. SMASH.

Bless wee Marc, I’ve never seen anyone jump with a fright like that before. Mind you, this was before I dropped my tray, walked into a wall, and smashed my head off against the corner of a shelf. In my defence though, it was my first day and for my brain to be fully functioning first thing on a Sunday morning is quite a big ask.

I am not totally useless though – I’m apparently an okay coffee maker, which is ace. Press the shot button, make the milk steamy, one, two, three, pour it in and voilà, have a cappuccino! My skills, by the way, also stretch to making lattes, hot chocolates and mochas, apparently.

The wee job itself is great though, even though right now I’m not very good at it. The people I work with are just the best (I had a bit of an emotional breakdown on Sunday, so the chef fed me a baked potato and told me to go have a cry).

The Kitchen is part of the Braes Larder chain, run by Cat from just across the road, and because I love the Larder so much, it’s only natural that I love the Kitchen.

Minus the fact I find it difficult to manoeuvre around without falling or walking into something. But that’s not their fault. I’m just, apparently, a major klutz.