Getting a taste for haggis...

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IT was a night to celebrate all things Scottish and to tempt taste buds with some unusual flavours.

For the Cubs of the 40th Falkirk group, Burns Night was a chance to recite a poem and then sample haggis, neeps and tatties.

Each Cub learned a Burns Poem and recited it either as part of a group or on their own.

Poems included Red Red Rose, Selkirk Grace and Up In The Morning Early.

Cub Scout leader Craig Smith, said: “We finished off the evening with the poem Hen’s Lament. Part of our badge work also included trying new foods. Some of the Cubs hadn’t tried swede and most hadn’t tried haggis. The verdicts were mixed with a lot of swapping going on between plates.”

FORGET the young Scouting members, adults are being targeted to take part in Scoutfest.

The festival for adults will take place at Fordell Firs on September 15-16, 2018. Organisers promise something special for adult members with a weekend of skills development opportunities, training, programme ideas, social events, camping, and many other attractions.

Scouts Scotland will also be hosting its annual general meeting – the first where all adult members in Scotland will have the opportunity to vote on any constitutional decisions and board elections.

At Scouts Scotland’s November 2017 annual general meeting, the Scottish Council voted to extend its membership to all adult members of Scouts Scotland.

The Scottish Council is the overarching governance body representing members across Scotland.

It was previously a relatively small body made up of select roles and nominees from national, regional, and district level. Decisions made by the council affect all members, so it is crucial that it is truly reflective of the membership.

All 11,500 adult members will now have the opportunity to take part in consultations, decision-making, and elections. This means governance is now more accessible, transparent and democratic.

As part of the Scottish Council all adult members of Scouts Scotland will receive information about the annual general meeting and elections. It will be sent by email, so everyone should ensure their details are up to date on Compass.

More details about ScoutFest, including costs and how to book will be available soon.