Get it together to keep yourself sane

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

My fitness regime is still going strong, although my chocolate addiction is holding me back ever so slightly.

But, everything in moderation, that’s what I say.

I’ve been going to the gym every couple of days and I have to say, I’m feeling much more centred and have most definitely benefitted from the extra me-time.

I went swimming last night after my half hour session on the treadmill and while I was enjoying the peace and quiet there was a bit of a kerfuffle near the door.

A girl shouted across to her friend that she forgot her bikini so couldn’t come in swimming.

What a shame I thought, I would be so disappointed to come all the way to the pool and not be able to swim. I was suitably relaxed by that point so decided to go and get packed up to go home.

As I was gathering my three outfit changes it requires to fit in a trip to the gym after work, the bikini-less girl was packing up just along the bench. She was visibly harassed and a sympathetic look in her direction led her to share her story with me.

This was her first trip to the gym in over five months because she couldn’t bare to run the risk of bumping into her ex-boyfriend.

She told me he split up with her and she stopped going to the gym immediately because she was too upset and worried that she might see him there with someone else.

Bumping into an ex is bad enough, let alone bumping into them when you’re half way through a 20 minute jog, your hair is clamped into your scalp and just breathing seems to be an impossible task.

Now, this girl had paid her gym membership in full for those five months she was too scared to go, meaning she was allowing him to have a detrimental impact on her finances, her time and her health.

Surely no man should be allowed to get away with that?

But after thinking about her dilemma on the drive home, I realised it was the girl herself who was allowing it to happen.

Her own insecurities meant she couldn’t bring herself to face the man who rejected her. Time is a healer and it took five months for her to get herself together. This will only give her more confidence and enable her to face whatever comes her way with self-assurance.