Funny in Falkirk had me in stitches

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

I’ve mentioned before in my column that I am a huge fan of Funny in Falkirk and again this year I headed to the comedy festival for a few shows.

Although living in Falkirk we’re lucky to be so centrally located to the big cities where most gigs and shows are held, it’s nice to have things to do on your door step.

I got tickets to see Ardan O’Hanlon and Tom Stade at Falkirk Town Hall and both shows were fantastic.

It’s lovely to go out and enjoy a meal in a local restaurant and then take in a show, without worrying about making it in time for the last train home.

I’ll admit, I got the tickets to see Adan O’Hanlon on the back of my love for Father Ted and My Hero and I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy his stand up, but he was fantastic. He had a lovely rapport with the audience and his comedy was silly but well observed.

I much prefer his style to the bullying comedy others find funny.

I had the misfortune of going to a Frankie Boyle show once and I ended up leaving early. His material was rude and offensive and while I think it’s right that comedy highlights social injustices and has the right to mock central figures, making fun of people with disabilities is not funny in my book.

Later this month I’m seeing the golden boy of Scottish comedy, Kevin Bridges.

I got his DVD for Christmas last year and thought he was hilarious so I’m looking forward to that, even if I will need to rush away for the train.

On the subject of trains, while on the train last week, I got on at Edinburgh after work and found a wallet sitting on my seat.

When I looked at the drivers licence, I saw the gentleman lived in Falkirk so decided I would just drop it in at his house and save him the hassle of going to Scotrail’s lost and found office.

When I got to his house, he hadn’t even realised he’s lost it and was so grateful.

I told him I know what it’s like as I lost a lovely pink leather purse a few years ago and it was never returned

We chatted for a bit and turned out he works near me in Edinburgh too,

When I got to work the next day I had a lovely surprise, On my desk was a bouquet of flowers and a new pink wallet thanking me for being a good Samaritan.

It’s lovely to know small gestures can be fully appreciated.