Forget the swearing, it was a show to savour

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Well the curtain has fallen on another Funny in Falkirk ... and there’s no doubt it was a roaring success.

I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest of Falkirk Delivers to the performance of ‘Still Game’ in the Town Hall.

On my return, I wasn’t surprised to learn that it had come in for some criticism - including a letter in our own pages – and, indeed, I noticed a few people walking out midway trhough the performance.

There’s no doubt that, for those of us who followed the exploits of Jack and Victor during the eight years they featured on our TVs, the level of swearing came as a bit of a shock, with each sentence pepppered with profanities.

But what we have to remember is that the script was written before the show’s TV debut when it was obviously sanitised for a family audience.

And I have to admit I loved it.

Yes, it was coarse but the swearing was clearly part of the characters’ everyday language rather than a deliberate attempt to offend,

It jarred for a second or two but then I was totally wrapped up in the excellent - and hilarious - story which had me in stitches throughout.