Forget gifts? That’s pants!

Stuart Barber
Stuart Barber

A study has ‘revealed’ that by Burns Night one in three of us will have forgotten the gifts we were given for Christmas.

In my view that’s a bit harsh.

Even for someone who has shared his fair share of Christmas mornings, opening the packages under the tree with my name on them still produces a thrill of expectation.

I honestly always do appreciate what I have received from the family - and the extra special ‘treat’ from Santa himself never fails to surprise.

My ‘thank-you’s’ are always genuine too, so to suggest what I have been given is of little or no importance a bit unfair.

When I am ready to go Christmas shopping (Christmas Eve is always good) I stick to a pre-arranged plan which underlines the thought I have put into selecting the right gifts. My ‘route’ is planned well in advance - and there are no detours to shops which have not made the final list. This meticulous preparation not only means everything runs to schedule and I am where I want to be when I want to be there, but also the presents presented are suitable and welcomed with surprise just as I had planned.

The joy of Christmas is as much about giving as receiving and I would hate to think that all the effort we go to each year could be dismissed and forgotten so quickly.

Forget what I was given for Christmas within a month? I say ‘humbug’ to that.

I can’t be the only one who pulls on their dressing gown and slips into their slippers then pulls open their socks and pants drawer and is reminded what they got because it is all there to see.