Flying is never plain sailing!

Stuart Barber.
Stuart Barber.

Not so long ago I hinted that if new rules regarding getting on a plane were introduced I’d be reaching for the bus, train and ferry timetables to plan a holiday.

Don’t get me wrong, in the troubled times we live in security at our airports has to be paramount and would-be fliers have to expect a certain degree of checks and double checks to ensure everyone boarding wishes no fellow passengers any ill will.

In my view that is a sensible approach and if handled efficiently should not create too much of an issue.

Of course I was talking a good 12 months after my last flight when memories of the hassle I’d faced then had started to fade and a good few months before my next flight was due to lift off.

That flight was last month – and those memories came flooding back, with a vengeance.

Because we were simply going south for a family wedding, booking a budget airline to take us there – 65 minute flight versus a five hour train journey – made it a ‘no brainer’.

So off we go one Friday afternoon to let the ‘plane take the strain’.

Online arrangements mean you are straight to the departure gate. Shoes off, belt off, jacket off, scanner, assume the position for the body search and within 30 minutes you are at the gate ready for the off ... or not.

Technical problems grounded our flight which led to a five hour delay which led to the cancelling and re-hiring of a hire car at the London end at much increased cost – the lady at the desk explained it was now a Saturday and prices go up – which led to the price of a hotel room for the night and breakfast in the morning being added to the bill.

Still, the bride did look lovely!