Fish restaurant that really tips the scales

'It's welcoming and friendly, slickly run and the food - well, it's just amazing'
'It's welcoming and friendly, slickly run and the food - well, it's just amazing'

There’s always something reassuring about walking through the door of a favourite restaurant. You know your way around the premises and the menu and you’ve probably made up your mind about a wine that suits your palette and your pocket.

Edinburgh’s Fishers in the City has become one of those for us. One we always enjoy returning to whenever we’re in that part of town, just a street down from the shops in George Street.

We’re not at the first name terms with staff stage, but we’re probably there at least once every couple of months and always look forward to going back.

If it’s fish you’re after, you really can’t get better.

It’s welcoming and friendly, slickly run and the food - well, it’s just amazing.

On a previous visit, telling our waiter how much we’d enjoyed our meal, he admitted it was the best place he’d worked ... everyone knew what was expected of them, the standards they were expected to keep and making sure the customer is happy at the core of it all. It works.

It’s a winning formula and the business runs two other restaurants, Fishers in Leith and The Shore Bar and 
Restaurant, also in that part of town.

It’s their city venture we know and, because our Saturday timetable’s become a bit of a routine, the 
pre-theatre and favourites menus are our starting point.

Myra did the works with a friend a few weeks ago and I’ve been told I’ll be allowed that treat, one of these days.

Starting with hand-dived scallops they went on to the hot shellfish platter - lobster, langoustines scallops (again), grilled oysters, mussels, crab and clams. I’m jealous and she’s talking about it yet.

On Saturday, I had to ‘make do’ with the pre-theatre. Once again it was a treat.

Though the fish soup, Laksa soup and mackerel fillet starters are, I know from experience, great I picked the grilled sardines, a Moroccan spice salad giving bite.

The pan-fried hake fillet is a favourite, beautifully flavoured and complemented by the champ mash and tomato sauce vierhe, the flesh flakes away delightfully, making it the choice over the Kashmiri curry with king prawns and coley and chicken ceasar salad.

There is one big advantage to most pre-theatre menus. Portions are slightly smaller, leaving room for dessert - something my colleagues seem to have missed lately.

Myra’s sticky toffee pudding was amazing, but my Fife strawberry and balsamic parfait with strawberry salad was summer by the spoonful.

Fishers in the City

56 Thistle Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1EN

0131 225 5109