First taste of failure is tough

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace
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I’ve got to admit that I’ve had things relatively easy throughout my life. I’m not saying things have been handed to me on a silver platter – I’ve had to work hard like everyone else – but on the whole, I’ve been reasonably lucky and, nearly always, things have gone the way that I’ve planned them.

This week, I’ve had my first taste of proper failure.

As you are all probably aware, the exam results came through on Tuesday.

Like many others my age in Scotland, I’d had about four hours sleep and was up at the crack of dawn waiting on a text from the SQA.

It arrived at two minutes to eight, just as it did last year, and it was fair to say that its contents hit me ridiculously hard.

The word “devastated” comes to mind.

I had a hunch that Tuesday wasn’t going to be a good day, so I should’ve known what was coming. 
I was just hoping and praying that my worst nightmare wouldn’t actually come true.

For all concerned readers, I’d better point out that not everything was doom and gloom. I got my minimum entry requirements for university, an A and 3 Bs – but I managed to completely fail Higher Business Management.

I am completely baffled at how on earth this happened.

I’ve always been lucky in this subject, always had top marks, was always there with the best in the class or there abouts.

What I don’t understand is how I’ve managed to go from 70 per cent in my prelim exam to a complete fail.

And, of course, lucky me, they’ve done away with appeals, so looks like I’m stuck with a dirty ‘F’ on my CV.

I know that I should be ecstatic with the fact that the A and Bs that I managed to get will see me in to university.

But right now, I’m finding it very difficult to see any 

I’ve never failed anything like this ever.

Hopefully, I can take it on board as a bit of a lesson in life and just more encouragement to myself to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.