Fireworks drama hasn’t put me off event

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

Tonight, not put off by events two years ago, I’m heading to Callendar Park to watch the fireworks display.

Two years ago, I lost my grandson Jack for a few minutes - although it felt like hours - at the big event and I wrote about it in my column.

Last year I was still scarred by the memory and skipped the display, but the memory must be distant enough now that I am returning - with two grandchildren in tow.

I love the fireworks display, there is something so magical about seeing the colours light up the dark sky and for me, Guy Fawkes night signals the proper start of winter and that Christmas is fast approaching.

It seems like time is on fast forward for the last two months of each year and after Bonfire Night, there is Remembrance Services to mark and then the Christmas events come thick and fast.

And this year, I have another celebration in the calendar to mark.

A good friend’s son James is turning 40 on December 30 and despite reaching the big 4-0 he has never had a party.

With his birthday falling in the middle of the festive rush and the day before Hogmanay, he hasn’t celebrated before.

Everyone is so busy rushing around, absorbed in their own celebrating, that James hasn’t bothered to throw a party before. But with the milestone birthday, he decided now was the time to have one.

I’d never given much thought for people that have birthdays around the festive period before but it must be rubbish. Particularly for those born on Christmas Day - I wonder if they get double the presents? Or do they get the dreaded, here is your birthday and your Christmas present rolled into one?

I mentioned James and his lack of parties to my colleague - who as it happened was born on Christmas Eve.

She confirmed that being born at Christmas does mean fewer presents, no birthday cake and nobody fussing over you.

She has also never had a party and said her big day was often all but forgotten about. While siblings got special meals, hers was standard Christmas dinner.

It’s made me become a bit more aware of people who celebrate their birthday over the holidays and I’ll make more of an effort to make them feel special.