Find a cure for the summertime blues

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Do you ever feel the summer just passes you by and you never do anything?

Most people take time off work or school but autumn arrives and we regret not doing more.

The most important thing is to recharge your batteries by changing your routine and spending as much time as possible outside, especially if you mostly spend your time indoors at work. Natural light is good for the spirits and your health but of course you have to be careful in the sun.

An overseas holiday is a great treat but “staycations” in the homeland are just as good. If you are not fussy about where you go, there are bargains galore at home and abroad the later you leave it to book. Or go camping. If you haven’t got all the gear, borrow it or buy second hand and sell it again when you get home. Caravan holidays are also good fun. Some holidays, if you are renting accommodation, are more cost-effective the more people there are so team up with other couples or families and share the cost and also the chores.

If you really cannot get away, decide that you will do something different and new every week of the holidays. For instance, are there attractions near you that you have never been to? Many people never visit the tourist hotspots that visitors flock to and many are free.

Catch up with family and friends you have neglected for a while, go and visit elderly neighbours who would love some company or even help with shopping or gardening. School kids: get a bucket and offer to wash cars to make some cash. Maybe even get a summer job. The local paperboy might be on holiday so you could do his round for a couple of weeks.

Ever thought about voluntary work? Check out This is a great way of getting involved with something really worthwhile and there are opportunities to suit most people. It’s also a great thing to add to your CV and of course it can continue throughout the year. There may be projects you could become involved in – maybe read about them in this paper.

But please do something! Change your routine, do something different or new. A change is as good as a rest. Time passes quickly and you won’t get the summer back so make it count for something.

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