Fighting to free my son’s Christmas presents

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My four-year-old son received a t-shirt at Christmas which stated ‘I love my daddy, football and trucks’.

Now he’s still young enough to be impressed by my ability to fix things and, given that I’m reasonably handy with a screwdriver, I’m hoping the first sentiment remains true at least into his teens.

Point two is still a work in progress, but, with a couple matches under his belt without tears or tantrums, I’m well on my way.

Number three is a given – in fact it’s not just trucks, anything with four wheels is guaranteed to win favour.

It’s something that friends and family have already cottoned on to and his pile of Christmas presents featured more than a few toy cars and lorries.

Which brings me to my main point – why do such items have to be packaged so securely?

Once you’ve fought your way past the plastic and cardboard, you’re faced with the variety of devilish contraptions the manufacturers have designed to ensure you can’t get easy access to the prize within.

If you’re not searching the house for a screwdriver, you’re frantically untwisting a piece of plastic as your status as your son’s hero diminishes by the second.

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