Festival suited me to a ‘T’ ...

This time last year I wrote a column about how much I wanted to go to T in the Park and about how jealous I was of those I knew who were there.

Well, this year, my dream came true as, on Saturday, Taylor, Megan, Carys, Jennifer and myself all set off on a wild adventure to the famous Balado for a day we will never forget.

The feeling I experienced when I was there was just surreal. T is something I’ve watched every year without fail on the TV and for me to actually be there just felt amazing.

I expected there to be cameras everywhere, but, to my surprise, there were actually very few of them. Really, the only place that there were cameras was
 near the stages and even at that there weren’t very 

However, when the camera men were running across the stage filming the artists, I did get a tad excited, because it wasn’t until then that I really felt part of something that was being broadcast to the nation.

Even though I never managed to get my close-up, Jennifer did. Her five seconds of fame may have been short-lived, but were “fantastic”, in her words.

The whole experience was absolutely thrilling. The atmosphere was just amazing; everyone was having the time of their lives.

Calvin Harris, for me though, was definitely the highlight of the day. The majority of people there had turned up for his set, and my friends and I were right at the front.

I never actually realised how euphoric the sensation was going to be as I was amongst thousands of people, who, all at one point, were experiencing the same amazing feelings as me.

The place was absolutely bouncing, and I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to the day.

Although I wasn’t able to camp this time round, next year that is definitely my aim. My friends who camped this year said they had the time of their lives, and that is my ammunition and the key to convincing my parents to get me camping tickets for my Christmas (hint hint!).

Roll on TITP2015.