Festival spirit is building up nicely for weekend

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone
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I’m so looking forward to the weekend ahead as me and the girls will be partying hard at Rock The Stadium.

Four of us have tickets for the whole weekend and I’m not sure who we are looking forward to seeing the most.

We’re all agreed about one thing though. We’ll be pushing our way down the front – wine glasses held high to avoid spillage – to see Ronan on stage on Friday night, so if you see a group of giggling, over enthusiastic middle-aged women heading towards you I’d advise you to open up a gap and let us through.

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We will be on a mission to get as close to Sir Ronan as possible so when he spots us he’ll no doubt want to invite us backstage after the show for a wee soiree and some celebrity mingling.

I’m positive this will happen.

One of the girls, Sarah, is absolutely crazy about him and has travelled everywhere to see his gigs.

Before a trip to London to see him some years ago she said she was going to wait outside the stage door until he came for a picture and a chat.

She did get the picture, which now hangs big and proud in her bathroom, but the chat didn’t go so well she told us.

After meeting the man of her dreams in the flesh, the hard-nosed mum-of-three and successful businesswoman was starstruck.

She turned to jelly and the only words she could mutter with a oafish grin was ‘‘I love you’’.

I haven’t been to a concert for years, never mind a three-day festival. The last one was probably when Status Quo were in their prime, it’s that long ago, but I’m really excited about seeing them too.

I was in London in 1996 when the football European Championships were being held there and I had a whale of a time with members of the Tartan Army.

My friend and I were offered tickets to the England v Scotland game. At half-time ‘Rockin’ All Over The World’ was played and the Scots fans rocked Wembley. It was one of the best atmospheres I’ve ever experienced.

I’m sure Quo will rock Falkirk too.