Father Robert Hendrie, St Luke’s RC Church, Banknock

‘It is wonderful for us to be here.” (Mark 9:5)

Life has moments that stand out - you might say stand still for that’s what it feels like.

The moment is so full that it spills over into the rest of our lives.

For a scientist, it might be the eureka moment when all the elements of a problem come together and the answer is simply there,

For all of us, it might be the moment when we look at someone we love - a child, a parent, a partner - and realise in that feeling the simple and infinite value of that other person.

For Peter, James and John, the Transfiguration of the Lord on the mountaintop was such a moment, They saw him as the one in whom the hope of their people, the Law, and the prophets Moses and Elijah came together and were fulfilled; a wonderful and blinding moment, a moment to hang on to.

We could stay there, a place to pitch our tent forever,

But then it’s gone.

They can’t stay on the mountaintop.

The crowds, dust and bustle of the plain are still there and they they must go,

And not only these things, the puzzles and complications of life, but the looming passion of their Lord.

That moment on the mountaintop will have to stay with them forever.